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Urban Escape Massage Therapy

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to review the site. As the founder and owner of Urban Escape Massage Therapy, I would like to tell you a bit about myself. I have had an extensive career in the service industry, where I have worked in restaurants and hotels. The most important thing I have learned in this time is customer care and attention to detail. I intend to bring this with me as I endeavour to build the best business for Massage Therapy.

For me the use of massage therapy came about due to a sports related injury many years ago and I marvelled at the therapists ability to aid in my recovery. I had been looking for new challenges in my life and decided to look into the possibility of pursuing this exciting career.I graduated from the International Academy of Massage in Ottawa, one of the best schools available in this field, with the top success rate in passing the provincial exams with the CMTO. The extensive training that I received at the academy has prepared me to deal with a variety of Injuries and conditions that benefit from masssage therapy.

To me learning is a lifelong process and I will continue to study in this and other fields for years to come. Prior to completing this program, I graduated from a program in Trauma and Addiction at Algonquin college. I was also attending Carleton University and plan to finish a degree in psychology over the next few years. Having studied primarily the mind and human behaviour prior to this has given me the strong belief in the interaction of mind and body. As the business grows, I intend to add different modalities incorporating other non medicinal healing practices.

In the meantime I would welcome the chance to work with you. 

Why Us?

Quality care, attention to detail and a caring atmosphere will keep customers coming back.

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